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ONG Family Readiness Support

The Ohio Adjutant General's website has important information supporting Ohio's National Guard and their families.

The Family Readiness and Warrior Support Program provides information covering a wide variety of programs and support sites for you and your family.

Ohio Veterans Guide

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Did you know that the Ohio State University offers tuition free education for some military spouses? The program is called MyCAA - Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts. Intended for spouses in the lower tiers of the ranks (E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2), all courses are available online for maximum ease of use. In addition to standard courses, certification courses are available in a wide variety of options.

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Military Spouse Educational Opportunity
The UCMFSG does NOT solicit funding

Recently, the organization was made aware of a local retailer distributing flyers advising that they would be donating a portion of their fees to our group.

While we appreciate that they would include us in their thoughts, it is important that all our members AND the public know that we NEVER solicit funding through
fund-raisers or other sources.

ALL of our funding comes from direct donations and one annual drive to stock up for our troop "Care Packages". To date, the response has been outstanding and we are tremendously grateful for the support of the community!